Jacksonville Woodlands

In 1989, alarmed by the prospect of development destroying the scenic wooded hillsides surrounding their National Historic Landmark City, the citizens of Jacksonville rallied to form the non-profit Jacksonville Woodlands Association. Since then the Woodlands Association has preserved 22 parcels of forested open space (320 acres) and has constructed 18 miles of connecting interpretive and recreational trails surrounding 70% of the town's historic district. The Woodlands is managed by volunteers, with management decisions made by an elected Board of Directors.

The Association's preservation efforts have attracted national attention and has set the standard for community land preservation in Oregon.  Additional information is available on the Jacksonville Woodlands Association web site.

General Management Plan and General Management Plan Addendum

For general information, contact Larry Smith at  Info@jvwoodlands.org or visit the Jacksonville Woodlands Association web site.

For information about volunteering or donating, contact Skip Stokes at  volunteers@jvwoodlands.org .

To use the GPS capable Jacksonville Woodlands Trail System Map on your mobile device, visit your app store and download Avenza Maps. Then open your device camera app and scan the following QR code 

                                                               Woodlands QR code

Then tap on “Avenza Maps QR Code/Open in Avenza Maps” banner at top of mobile device screen to download the WOODLANDS TRAIL SYSTEM MAP.  Then tap "Free" to access the map.

Sunny Trail
Children and Stream
Mining History Plaque

FritillariaFritillaria 2

Bridge in Fall
Young Hikers
Hika A Thon