Committee for Citizen Involvement


2.  Committee for Citizen Involvement (CCI)

(A)  The role of the CCI shall be to: 

1.  Serve as the City Council's planning and supervisory arm for carrying out functions and requirements of the Civic           Engagement Program as outlined herein;

2.  Advocate for public participation in the City's land use processes, programs, and concerns; 

3.  Recruit candidates with the demonstrated background or technical knowledge to assist in addressing the City's specific land use concerns; 

4.  Make and maintain a list of individuals who are willing, when needed, to participate on various CACs or other committees;

5.  Guide CACs or other committees in their approaches to particular problems or assignments;

6.  Provide a facilitator, as necessary, to assist in the CAC process; 

7.  Facilitate technical and expert assistance to the CACs and Ad Hoc Committees; 

8.  Facilitate CAC and Ad Hoc Committee communication with the City Council; 

9.  Request funding for the Civic Engagement Program; and

10.  Monitor and make recommendations to the City Council for the enhancement of civic participation in all aspects of planning processes, including improvements to two-way communication.

(B)  The appointment and structure of the CCI shall be as follows: 

1.  Number of voting members:  Minimum of five and maximum of seven; 

2.  Residency Requirement:  Membership shall be limited to Jacksonville residents; 

3.  Participating non-voting members:  One liaison from the City Council and Planning Commission.  The Committee may include non-residents or business owners as needed.  A City of Jacksonville staff person shall serve as an ex-officio member of the committee; 

4.  Appointment process:  After analyzing submitted applications to serve on the CCI, the City Council shall interview candidates and appoint a minimum of five and maximum of seven voting members, along with the City Council liaison.  The Planning Commission liaison shall be selected by the Planning Commission; 

5.  Term of membership:  Four years on an overlapping basis; 

6.  Officers:  During the first meeting of a new calendar year, the CCI shall elect a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson to serve a one-year term.  A city staff person may serve as Secretary when deemed necessary by the Chair; and 

7.  Vacancies:  Vacancies shall be filled by City Council appointment.  

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